Coworker Challenge: March 2011

Name Weight Pullups Pushups Situps (2 min) Ball Toss (12#) Long Jump 40 Yd Dash Mile
Rafe 175 29 75 92 30’3″ 8’1″ 5.28 (PR) 6:23
Amy 1 50 (knee) 82 (PR) 19’3″ 6’10” (PR) 6.96 8:41 (PR)
Megan 27 29 12’8″ 5’8″ 7.31 10:05 (PR)
Paul 210 7 50 70 23’8″ 7’0.5″ 6.13 8:00 (PR)
Daniel 175 2 42 17’1″ 6’10” 5.81 9:46
Efrain 170 27 (PR) 57 61 (PR) 24’5.5″ 7’1″ 6.13 9:24 (PR)
JP 5 21’7″ (PR) 7’11” (PR) 6.19 (PR) 9:18 (PR)

Lots of PRs out there; Megan and Daniel were first-time participants, and Paul hadn’t done some of the new for 2011 events, or there might have been even more.

Valeria revisited


Her. Not the one up there.


Scaled to my weight (170-175#), the “Good” weights are like so:

Bench Press: 135

Pullups: 175 (with weight belt)

Deadlift: 245

EZ Curl: 65

Time (4/18/10): 7:13

Time (2/24/11): 5:06 No wonder it felt so much fucking harder this time – I did the deadlifts before the pullups by accident.

Video of this idiocy behind the cut.

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Over and Under

I’m just going to assume the over/under on every Bills game this season is 9 points above whatever the opposing team’s average points per game is, since I think the boys in blue have a chance at coming in under 150 points scored this season unless they decide to play without a quarterback at all.

That bitching aside…

Lunchtime saw me working on my dips. I hate dips. Haaaaate. 2×10 sandwiched a 1×20, which sucked a lot. So did medicine-ball rolling my traps, rhomboids, delts and quads – interesting popping and crunching sensations ensue.

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Coworker Challenge XV

Bench Press

Let me just say that trying to do this on the back-end of Con*Crud and four weeks after breaking my damn hand was not the most fun I’ve ever had. I took a pass on the pushups because bending my hand backwards puts pressure on what we suspect is a sprained pinkie/wrist combo platter; I did a plank hold for about 90 seconds instead.

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Coworker Challenge XIV

Some new faces this month to join in the fun and games*.

* Note: Neither fun nor games were actually involved.

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Lethargic workout is lethargic

Pullups: 3 x 10

Kettlebell Snatch: 110 in 3:40

Dips: 10 x 10

Coworker Challenge XIII

Another well-attended go-round this month, with a bit of old school returning – back to the two minute squat event, instead of the 50 squat-thrust race. There was general mutiny at the suggestion of doing 50 burpees with a pushup at the bottom.

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