This is the new shit

Currently crafting a new lifting routine. The two naming candidates are “BSOD” and “666.” Number of surprised people: 0.

As previously noted, fucking off time is over. My plan right now is to go to six days a week, three lifts a day. This is informed by an amalgamation and distillation of my own experience (independently, as well as my tenure under Josh Bryant’s guidance) combined with a recent exposure to and curiosity about the so-called “Bulgarian” school, tempered by a cursory review of Jason Ferruggia’s program[1].

So, here’s how it looks…

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Ten Percent Better; That’s Like Going to Eleven, Right?

So, here we are:
Age: 38 (as of end of July)
BW: 170-175
BF%: 12-13

Good lifts:
Bench: 255 (+15)
Squat: 350 (+35)
OHP: 160 (+25)
Dead: 455 (+30)

Under ideal conditions (smart headspace, spotter, etc), I’m pretty sure those would be 265-275, 365, 165, and 465-475, but I’m stronger all the way around than I was when I started with Josh (12 weeks ago) by about 10%.

Measurements with the tape will be done tomorrow.

Going to Eleven

That's one louder, innit?

That's one louder, innit?

So, my overall theme for the year, “I can do better,” has finally started to bear more fruit. Some of it was expected, some of it is coming as a pleasant surprise, but pretty much all of it is welcomed.
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Okay, so I lied

Had a pretty good softball game despite modest plate production (2 for 3, single & double); made a couple of plays in the outfield.

Running around in 90+ heat seems to have loosened some of the muscle strain, along with some medicine ball rolling at lunchtime over most of that leg.

So, riding that high, I decided to lift a bit when I got home, since I was already dripping sweat and felt great.

15/9/3+ Bench Press


Bench Press: 1×20 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 95 / 1×5 @ 135

Work Sets:

Bench Press: 1×5 @ 175 / 1×3 @ 205 / 1×1 @ 225 (PR) / 1×0 @ 225 / 3×5 @ 185

Strict EZ Bar Curl: 1×5 @ 95 / 1×1 @ 115 / 1×0 @ 115

Rack Pulls: 2×5 @ 295