Reloading – [WotD] Sunday August 22

15/9/3 – Squat Day

Backing off to ~65% of the 1RM from a couple weeks ago, and restarting the ascending sawtooth wave. That’s the plan, anyway. It’s going to be treading some water until after vacation, plus the whole broken hand thing. This is the one lift that the splint actually helps, since it keeps my wrist from bending back. I was more cognizant of resting my butt on the box, instead of just touch-and-go as a depth check.


Box Squat: 1×15 @ 45 / 1×12 @ 95 / 1×10 @ 135

Work Sets:

Box Squat: 3×5 @ 175 / 3×5 @ 195 / 1×5 @ 215

Not impressive by any stretch, but better than nothing.

[WotD] Tuesday, August 3

15/9/3 – Squats

Tried something a little bit different this evening, in the form of box squats. Naturally, I don’t have a real, formal squatting box, this being my first go at these, so I improvised – my old subwoofer enclosure, with one layer of the same high-density foam padding that I laid on the floor on top of it (there were six edge pieces that I didn’t use; these hooked together into three pairs, which were almost exactly the width of the top of the box, and 18″ or so wide – plenty to aim my butt at).

Lunchtime was spent similarly to yesterday – medicine ball slams for a minute, with a 30 second break, some overhead squats with the 10# bar, KB overhead presses, L-sits, back extensions, and assorted other hip and shoulder mobility work. Also did some front tuck levers, and tried descending to a full front lever from being upside-down, and while I wasn’t able to hold it for more than a second, I could feel all kinds of muscles in my mid-back firing that aren’t nearly as engaged in the tuck variant. Definitely bears further work.

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