Weekend Workouts

15/9/3: Overhead Press (Friday) | Deadlifts (Sunday)

It’s also “weigh and measure weekend,” though I don’t know if I’ll snap some progress pictures to share or not. Feeling a little squidgy after entirely too much coffee and some much-needed beer.

OHP Friday frankly kind of sucked.  Deadlifting on Sunday went better.

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[WotD] Dead Man Benching

This is one of the routines I’d inflict on Code Monkey every so often, so I thought I’d double up to get myself back in gear, despite the nagging cough of profound annoyance. I’ll be flipping this around next time, to be deadlifts with interstitial bench pressing.

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[WotD] Saturday, August 14

Nothing too exciting happened late in the week, so after the 2RM testing, it was more or less an unofficial deload and reset to recalibrate. That will begin tomorrow, with squats, so today was “just do something.” It turned out that “a whole lot of deadlifts after digging a couple holes in the yard” was the something in question.


Dig: 2×36″ deep 16″x16″ holes

Deadlift: 1×10 @ 135 / 1×10 @ 185

Work Sets:

Deadlift: 10×10 @ 225


15/9/3+ Deadlifts

In lieu of a finishing set of deadlifts, and in the spirit of annualized abuse, there were squats.

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Bonnie and Clyde

Well, I’m not an orange ghost, but, what the hell.  I like wind and rain, so TD/TS Bonnie is merely a wide-ranging car wash and lawn care service as far as my stuff is concerned.

Lunch was spent doing shoulder mobility work (scapular protractions & retractions, 3×15 @ 45) along with some capsular stretching.

One more reason for me to love Fridays: Deadlift day!

15/9/3+ Deadlifts (to include an actual “+”)

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