Exercise is good for you…

… or, in this case, me.

(Info comes courtesy of blood donations to Florida Blood Services‘ wellness summary.)

Hired Guns

Arthur Saxon performing a bent press.

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Traditionally, I have turned to friends for mentoring and motivation (at least when the latter is not to be found in sufficient quantities internally). However, a couple of the generally-accepted bits of conventional wisdom when it comes to strength training is that, 1) you’re going to hit a plateau, 2) you need to be around people stronger than you, and 3) everything works for a while, but nothing works forever.

To mitigate all three of those things, and at the back-handed suggestion of the guy a mutual acquaintance and I call as “our Tall Friend,” I reached out to Josh Bryant, of JoshStrength.com.

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5K Recap & Coworker Challenge IX

We had a couple new faces at the CWC this week; Pablo is apparently quite good at coercion (or maybe he just bats his eyelashes better than I do). How did the new folks do?

And, on the heels of the 100 Squat-Thrust action over the weekend, we added a new event to the proceedings, too.

Oh, and speaking of things that happened over the weekend, I turned in a stirringly crappy performance in the 5k, though it did feature something I haven’t done since High School – throwing up immediately after crossing the finish line.

26:02 (chip time), and I felt like ass the entire way. Windy, rainy, 50-ish – that much was fine. Heartburn, indigestion, and the need to hurl were far more problematic. Apparently, it was the combination of a poor choice of pre-race breakfast (“confused eggs” – semi-scrambled with salsa, ham, jalapenos, and cheese) and an ill-considered energy drink, which combined to sit really poorly. A post-race post-mortem with my parents revealed that my dad also has had bad luck with eggs for breakfast on race day, so there’s a mistake not to repeat.

I may go for a reprise in two weeks for a Shamrock run, or, more probably, the first weekend in April, work schedule permitting (I can’t run and answer tech support calls at the same time, amazingly enough).

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So, it feels good to get back around to doing some relatively serious lifting. I had an acute case of the screaming wussies (“Wah, I’m fat, I’m weak, I’m slow, I suck, my dick hurts”) earlier today, but fortunately had a shitty enough time at the office (and in traffic) otherwise to get me torqued off about it and gave me something to try and work off.

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[WotD] Friday, November 27

Who has two thumbs and was in the office by himself all day?


So, I cranked up the tunes, did the pushups every hour*, and came home for a rousing game of “Spot the guy who lived in Buffalo.” That would be the guy stripping off his shirt and dripping sweat in 58 degrees because it’s too fucking warm. They’re calling for a low of 40 tonight. Can I just say how thrilled I am to have something resembling seasonal weather?

Suffice it to say, today would have been far better spent playing football with a bunch of buddies than dealing with broken computers.

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Big surprise, I am critical of the extra-light beers now on offer over at the geek fitness blog.

What didn’t seem salient to add was that, though I like the taste of Mic Ultra, it makes me noticeably bitchier.


I’ve half-assedly tried to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) a time or two in the past, and have learned a couple of salient things about it; foremost among them is that writing a novel isn’t a good fit for me.  Short fiction? Sure. Anything over about 10,000 words isn’t my metier.

To that end, however, I concocted a very half-baked plan — instead of writing fifty thousand words during November, I would lift five hundred thousand pounds. I’m going to continue to do the 5/3/1 program (having taken delivery of the book itself from EliteFTS on Thursday; a full review will be forthcoming), as well as jack up my supplemental training with an eye towards getting my endurance and speed back up to the level at which I feel least like a cheap sack of shit.

So, as of lunchtime today (Monday, November 2nd), here’s how things stand:

Sunday: 3825# (Squats: 3×5 @ 135 = 2025, shoulder complex: 6-way, 10 reps, 2×15 = 1800)

Monday: 24850# (Dips: 50 @ 170 = 8500, Pullups: 50 @ 170 = 8500, Pushups: 50 @ 125 = 6250, shoulder complex: 4 way, 10 reps, 2×20 = 1600)

Running Total: 28,675