Coworker Challenge: March 2011

Name Weight Pullups Pushups Situps (2 min) Ball Toss (12#) Long Jump 40 Yd Dash Mile
Rafe 175 29 75 92 30’3″ 8’1″ 5.28 (PR) 6:23
Amy 1 50 (knee) 82 (PR) 19’3″ 6’10” (PR) 6.96 8:41 (PR)
Megan 27 29 12’8″ 5’8″ 7.31 10:05 (PR)
Paul 210 7 50 70 23’8″ 7’0.5″ 6.13 8:00 (PR)
Daniel 175 2 42 17’1″ 6’10” 5.81 9:46
Efrain 170 27 (PR) 57 61 (PR) 24’5.5″ 7’1″ 6.13 9:24 (PR)
JP 5 21’7″ (PR) 7’11” (PR) 6.19 (PR) 9:18 (PR)

Lots of PRs out there; Megan and Daniel were first-time participants, and Paul hadn’t done some of the new for 2011 events, or there might have been even more.

Case of the Mondays

Only got in a lunchtime workout yesterday, due to acute “meh” with a side of DUDE IT’S SHARK WEEK!

In other words, my body had had enough of my overtraining bullshit over the weekend and parked my ass. In a rare fit of good judgement, I grabbed a fistful of Triscuits, a pound of green grapes, and watched Mike Rowe freeze his balls off to tag a Greenland Shark.


Medicine Ball Slams: 3×25 (approx 1 min); 30 sec break between

Plank Holds: 1×30 sec each side, 1×30 sec inverted (ie: facing the ceiling)

Front Tuck Lever: 2×45 sec

FTL pullups: 2×10

Assorted stretching

“Off” is a relative term

As previously mentioned, I’m taking it easy on the legs this week.

So I ran three miles Monday evening. Heh.

Today at lunch, it was some medicine ball rolling (OW), and upper-body work:

Pullups: 5×10

“Perfect” Pushups: 5×30

Dragon Flags: 2×10

Ab Wheel Rollouts (from knees): 1×25

DB Arnold Press (increasing angle from low elevation to near vertical): 4×10 @ 50

Kettlebell waist rotations: 12x each way

Fifteen Minutes

I have no idea what time that thing says it is.

Did an impromptu bit of EDT testing after work, a passel of kettlebell swings, and a lot of really, really uncomfortable medicine ball rolling.

15 minutes: 75 pullups & dips

50 KB snatches

Boot to the Dead

Today was the final session of boot camp, so the students got their exit exam as a way to gauge their progress.

Of course, since I got lost and couldn’t find it on the first day, I didn’t have any numbers to compare against. Conveniently enough, however, a couple of the metrics bear a passing resemblance to the Coworker Challenge.

12 minute run, 1 minute worth of pushups, 1 minute worth of situps

I managed:

  • 2600m (1.615 mi) (~7 min/mi – each 400m was done in about 1:45)
  • 50 pushups
  • 77 crunches (yeah, the shorter ROM made these a hell of a lot easier than the full situps in the CWC)

Not all that far off from what I’d expect to be able to do. I’d like to be a tad quicker in the running, but there’s going to be a timed mile fairly soon in my future, to include 1/10th, 1/4, and 1/2 mile splits (unfortunately, I need an assistant to do the timing, since my watch doesn’t do splits).

[WotD] Thursday, January 21

Wednesday for lunch, 2×15 pullups, 3.2 miles in 27:45

Thursday for lunch, 2×15 pullups, 45 minutes of medicine ball rolling, followed by ten minutes of wanting to puke

Thursday evening, Deadlifts:

Warmup: 2×5 @ 135 / 1×5 @ 205

Work: 3×5 @ 225 (using an overhand snatch grip, pinkies on the rings)

Yes, it was modest, but it was also not hampered by anything flaring up painfully.  I’d rather be able to keep lifting

Why So Serious?

Maybe I shouldn’t quote a movie I haven’t seen yet, but, enh. Apparently “shiny” is from Firefly, but I’ve said that, too, and think Joss Whedon is completely overrated.

A regular reader pointed out that there has been a rather marked lack of…. anything, really… around here of late.

I have been slack and remiss as far as posting the miscellaneous lunchtime workouts that have been taking place – the usual assortment of pullups, GHRs, medicine ball rolling, ab wheel stuff, and kettlebell moves. Motivation has been flagging as the holiday schedule kicked everything off-kilter, and the “get fat by 1/8 so you’ll look like you lost more weight by 4/8” thing the office is holding has been further undermining things.

I’m officially on the schedule to do an early morning boot camp program for February (both for my own edification, as well as to provide first-hand insight for ShrinkGeek.  Speaking of SG, the site revamp also took a lot of mindshare the latter half of December (totally worth it, though).

Been inching towards doing some personal training at a distance for a couple of folks, but that’s kind of in the doldrums at the moment as well. I’m also about to (kind of) have my first in-person bit of that, which is proving to be a lot more daunting, stressful, and generally fraught with potential peril than I was expecting.

I’m signed up for the Gasparilla 5k at the end of February, so there’s at least one concrete goal to hit, and I’m probably going to resume 5/3/1 next week, once I get a new baseline of my corresponding 1RM for those lifts.

Not exactly a surprise that it feels like I’m spinning my wheels, looking at it this way, is it?