Rush Limbaugh is a fat, stupid, lying sack of shit

I figure that headline has better SEO than “Sky blue, water wet.”

It seems the ubiquitous blowhard has finally stuck his dick into my meat-grinder by suggesting that exercise, and the folks who engage in it, are burdensome on the American health care system.

All you exercise freaks, you’re the ones putting stress on the health care system.” – Rush Limbaugh, 2009

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Still Angry

When they ask you how I died, tell them, “Still angry.”

– Quellcrist Falconer (from the Takeshi Kovacs series, by Richard K. Morgan)

Yeah, it’s been quiet on the weightlifting and exercise front around here. I’m still doing it, and making progress (and videos) after taking, essentially, September off, and that stuff will return to the fore as time and bandwidth allows.

However, that said, there’s been no shortage of things that require the attention of my gentle ministrations, and foremost among those is the wide swath of the population that is, in not remotely humble opinion, incorrectly critical of the “Occupy” movement, in all its iterations.

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Not an Average Joe

I have no idea how long the page Joe Stack, the guy who intentionally crashed his plane into the Austin IRS building earlier today, is apt to remain up, but, having read it, I found it all too easy to agree with many of the points he made, if not the exclamation point he chose to use.

What follows is the entirety of his remarks, as posted on

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Fuck. You. Big. Brother.

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