Rush Limbaugh is a fat, stupid, lying sack of shit

I figure that headline has better SEO than “Sky blue, water wet.”

It seems the ubiquitous blowhard has finally stuck his dick into my meat-grinder by suggesting that exercise, and the folks who engage in it, are burdensome on the American health care system.

All you exercise freaks, you’re the ones putting stress on the health care system.” – Rush Limbaugh, 2009

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The Break

In the course of re-drilling the holes through the 6×6 posts that will form the uprights of an outdoor chinup/gymnastic ring setup, the drill bit got bound up, and the drill spun, taking my right hand with it through about 135 degrees of clockwise rotation. Something in the hand did not approve of this course of  action, and went “pop.”

I dropped the drill, said, “Ow! Shit!” and went inside to get some ice and cold water on it to prevent swelling (I took off the titanium band on that ring  finger, just in case) and assess the damage.

At which point, shock kicked in, and I went from uncomfortable but functional to woozy to “Where is my alarm clock, if I’m just waking up from a restful night’s sleep, replete with prosaic dreams?” I apparently blacked out for ten or fifteen seconds, including a few seconds of seizure-like twitching. Fortunately, K caught me and lowered me to the floor, then called 911. Minor, if completely justified, freaking out ensued, as did treating me for shock and getting me an ice pack for the hand.

Ten or fifteen minutes later, a couple of EMTs arrived to give me the once-over. I was still on the floor, just in case, and had a couple towels over me because I was apparently cold and clammy, but otherwise awake, aware, and was offering to talk to the dispatcher.

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Do It or Else

A friend recently posted on their blog, “Buying is easier than doing. Even when you know that the way is through action rather than acquisition, it’s still sometimes a challenge to get out there and do it.

This week I aim to get out there and do.”

That, in a nutshell, the attitude we endorse fully around here, along with another friend’s mantra/koan, “Do it anyway.”

Some days you feel weak. You feel tired. You feel sore. You simply don’t want to do it, whatever “it” is.

The difference between growth and ossification is performing on those days despite those feelings. Maybe it’s warped to derive motivation from overcoming an initial lack of motivation.

Beating inertia is still a victory worth earning. And it puts you one step further along the path.

Get out there and do, indeed.

Not quite getting the hang of a Thursday*

15/9/3+ Overhead Press

While being terribly, frustratingly busy at the office is good for taking a late lunch (and, even at 3pm, there were folks in the office gym, somewhat surprisingly), it didn’t make for a particularly thrilling workout  – half an hour on the fairly-evil “cross country” program on the Precor elliptical.

After work, there was one moment of respite – the softball game got rained out, so we didn’t have to get our asses handed to us by a team with no business being in our league. Thus, I could get in my OHP workout without compromising my already compromised performance.

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Making Adjustments

Miss me?

Who the fuck am I kidding?

Lack of updates is due to lack of doing anything of interest or note – pullups, front tuck lever holds, and elliptical machine sessions do not a thrilling recap make.

However, my very exciting holiday weekend duel with fucking sciatica in my left leg will at least result in some colorful imagery. It feels like someone is driving an electrified knitting needle into my ass, and following that up by running a circular saw down the outside of my leg all the way to my ankle if I bend over wrong. It is, in short, awesome. As a result, I was back in a chiropractor’s office for the first time in four years or so this afternoon.

Bonus points in the chiro’s favor: she knows and likes the guy I used to go to, was excited when I said I prefer a heavier hand with my adjustments, didn’t mind that I exercise all the damn time, and said, “hey, wait a minute… did you go to school for this or something, because you don’t talk like a regular patient.” Obviously, my being the token meat-head at SG is paying dividends, because not only can I tell my asshole from my elbow, I can name the muscles connected to each.*

So, I’m going to be snapped, crackled, and popped a couple of times a week. There was a very non-trivial amount of torque-induced stretching and spinal adjusting going on in the lumbar region this afternoon, and it’s caused a fair bit of the discomfort to abate.

Apparently, my health insurance provider (UHC) will cover massage sessions, but only if they’re not on the same day as a chiropractic adjustment.  I don’t make the policy rules, people; I have no frigging idea.

* “Is there anything other than your back or leg that hurts?” “Yeah, my left brachioradialis has bothered me for years, but that’s so far down the Needs Fixing list, don’t bother.”

Not lifting sucks

Haven’t picked anything heavy1 up all week. Went running a couple of times. Still doing pushups and pullups. Stretching the annoyed leg (which has spread the annoyance to the hamstring and calf on that side, which is fucking awesome, I assure you).

Weighted pullups have been the extent of the excitement. Woo.

Maybe I’ll bench press tomorrow after I go to the dentist.

1 Defined as “more than I weigh with the Oly bar”

Now, with extra

At some point, I’m going to wise up to the fact that I can’t lift for shit when all I’ve had is two cups of coffee and a protein shake. Today was not that day, obviously, but that didn’t stop me from trying it anyway.

Of course, nothing good or impressive came of it, but it beat not doing anything, or spending an extra hour getting my ass summarily handed to me during the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 free multi-player demo Steam is offering this weekend (12GB? Seriously? Yes, it’s pretty in that “Yep, I’m crossing Fallujah off my to-visit list” kind of way, but jesus fuck).

The opener, a dozen turkish get-ups, were done on a dare/bet. I was hoping to make 20, but there was no goddamned way that was going to happen this morning. There’s video of those below the cut.

15/9/3+ – Bench Press, with interstitial deadlifts (since being sore all week from squats wasn’t sufficient disincentive last time around)


Turkish Get-Ups (54# KB): 1×12 (4 R, 3L, 3R, 2L)

Bench Press: 1×15 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 95 / 1×5 @ 135

Work Sets:

Bench Press: 3×5 @ 165 / 3×5 @ 185

Deadlift: 1×10 @ 135 / 1×10 @ 185 / 7×5 @ 225

Pullups: 1×10