[WotD] Friday, July 16

15/9/3 Deadlift Day

Lunch was spent stretching and inflicting pain on my upper legs with medicine-ball rolling, as well as doing a few sets of pullups (5×12) and ab wheel roll-outs from my knees (2×15).

After hours (and after helping lay down half the sod that my neighbors graciously gifted my household with) , I had a ton of energy and frustration to pour into my deadlifts, with the plan being to top out at 3×5 @ 245.

Things did not adhere to that plan.

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[WotD] Sunday, June 27

Slightly delayed, as I got caught up researching and writing tomorrow’s item for ShrinkGeek, but what are you gonna do.

15/9/3+ Bench Press (tri-sets with deadlifts and pullups)


Bench Press: 2×15 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 95 / 1×8 @ 115 / 1×5 @ 135

Deadlift (snatch grip): 2×5 @ 135 /2×5 @ 185

Work Sets:

Bench Press: 3×5 @ 155 / 3×5+3 @ 185 (PR)

Deadlift: 6×5+3 @ 205

Pullup: 10×5+3 @ BW (~170±)

If my record-keeping is to be trusted, that last set of 8 reps @ 185 was uncharted territory. That was a pleasant surprise.

“Perfect” Pushups

Perfect Pushup Handles

Helping Hand(le)s

It’s entertaining, to me, to see the enthusiasm of the FNG when it comes to attacking the pair of Perfect Pushup handles that inhabit the empty cubicle in our terrarium. I’m not sure if the combination of his guilt-tripping, combined with my encouragement/abuse, is what’s finally gotten the other dude here into banging out a couple sets a day, but, hey, whatever works. I like them because the internal rotation engages more of the upper pectorals, as well as the neutral hand position taking a lot of strain off my shoulders and wrists.

We haven’t been keeping up with this particular plan, but it’s been getting more frequent where somebody, or all three of us somebodies, will bang out a set, and then exhort the others to join in the fun. Right now the various folks are doing ~15 (CC), ~25 (FNG), and ~35 (me). We did just do the plan, based on yesterday’s 48 items, and it’s noticeably harder to do the longer set on them than it is conventionally.

Considering that I’ve been slacking on those for a while, other than my bench and OHP work, it’s probably no bad thing to be adding the volume. As I mentioned in another friend’s journal, I need to incorporate more ab/core work, so hanging leg raises, in addition to the ab wheel (which I can current get to about 12″ above the ground with my midsection now), is probably called for to cover that.

15/9/3+ Mysterious Overhead

Okay, not all that mysterious – hello to the influx of folks wondering who the loquacious but suspiciously buff dude intruding over at wow.com is.

Yeah, hi. This is the shit you won’t see me inflicting on anyone except the masochists who want to keep up. Feel free to peruse the archives.

Today was overhead press day; since I’m not actually going to make it to BlizzCon, I’ve got my sights set on doing ridiculous fitness tricks at Dragon*Con (where I’m working on the MMORPG track), including lifting various friends up and holding them over my head. That’s what this move is all about.

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15/9/3+ Squat Day (Carl Sagan Edition)

Woke up feeling fantastic, and put that to good use under the squat bar, along with some cleans.

When it got to the heaviest work sets, rather than crank up the usual techno/industrial/crunchy stuff, I put this on repeat instead:

Anyone inclined to give me shit for getting choked up over that is cordially invited to kiss my ass.

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Pressing My Luck

Well, not really, but two straight days of pressing moves have pretty much blasted my shoulders to bits.  The overhead press (OHP) is  my weakest move, which means I suck at it and hate doing it, which means I should do it more.

Fucking iron logic. That’s what I get for being the bad cop.

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[WotD] Thursday, February 4

It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, it’s that I haven’t been doing anything interesting.  Two miles of intervals in my Vibram Five Fingers? Pullups? Cable Rows?

Yeah, that’s what I figured.

Of more interest, maybe, is the fact that I’m beginning a fitness boot camp (as a student, not instructor) next Monday. Unfortunately, this means I have to get my ass out of bed at 5am to be there from six to seven, and then go to work. If nothing else, I’m hoping to pick up some workout tricks, lose weight, and improve my cardio before the Gasparilla Distance Classic on the 27th. My folks were down this past weekend, and Dad semi-jokingly asked if I was going to break 20 minutes for the 5k. I love his well-intentioned but misplaced optimism. I’m shooting for 22:00 as my goal, but as long as I’m under 24:45 (assuming the weather isn’t abysmal), I won’t be too disappointed.

In terms of things that are actually pertinent, over at ShrinkGeek, I did an interview with Laurell K. Hamilton about her workout routine and assorted fitness stuff. That was actually rather cool, and I’m hoping that she’ll make it to Dragon*Con this year so we can hang out.

Also? I’m really wondering why “There’s a Cap(sule) for That” is getting so many hits from folks googling for “pills.” I mean, I don’t mind the traffic, and my SEO generally kind of sucks (not that I’m making any money off this blog to begin with), but I find it funny what brings folks to my door. Anyway…

Taking a page from the “better to do something than nothing” playbook, then…

Deadlifts: 1×10 @ 135 + 15 shrugs,  1×1 + 10 shrugs

Jack Pulls: 1×5 @ 205 / 1×5 @ 225 / 1×3 @ 275 / 1×3 @ 315 (PR for a lift using double-overhand grip) / 1×2 @ 345 / 1×1 @ 375 (PR for the Jack Pull, full DL PR is 405#)

The jacks are set to their highest notch, which puts them about half an inch below my patella. This makes them a bit deeper than most traditional rack pulls, with the added degree of difficulty of having to return the bar to a cradle that’s only about two or two and a half inches wide. Definitely trickier than doing them in a standard rack or cage, which suits me just fine.

I’m just happy to see that I can still make anything over 225 fucking move upwards without it being across my shoulders.