This thing is, in fact, still on.

I mean, not that I’d have probably been intending to post here until I got the “Uh, change your password, bro, a partner site had a compromise, so we did some butt-covering security work,” which, you know, is nice.


Also nice: whatever technique it was that I used when I hacked the sleeves off of this freebie shirt from 1st Phorm that was included with a previous order, because that’s flattering as fuck, at least on arm day.

(And, in case anyone is wondering – yes, that’s new ink on my arms since the last time I posted.  The final couplet of Dr. Seuss’ “I Had Trouble on the Road to Callou Callay” as rendered in Circular Gallifreyan. Right arm is the penultimate line in plain, TARDIS-blue ink; left arm is the same overlaying a nebula-ish background)