The Voice

Whispers of a Dark Godling

This is best imagined as spoken slowly and softly by something unseen, not unlike the creeping horrors children imagine under the stairs, or in a bedroom closet, or beneath the bed. It is the voice of something no one else can fight for you, that they may not even believe is there, but which you (and I) both know gnaws at you like a doubt of your own worth.

I am the small, implacable, insatiable voice in the back of your head who is never satisfied with your last performance. You can do better. You WILL do better. Or I will tear my way out of your skull and beat you to death with your fucking spine, because you have failed not me, but yourself.

Nike, my whitewashed, market-friendly alter ego, is a pussy. “Just do it”?


My credo is “Do it or else.”

– 27 Apr 2010


  1. Wow.. Love the writing. More please master awesomeness. Seriously though “the voice” is great!!

  2. […] The Voice […]

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